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Please save the date for the Annual Conference of the Max Weber Foundation (MWS), taking place in Washington, DC on March 22-24, 2018:

Settlement and Unsettlement: The Ends of World War I and their Legacies. Annual Conference of the Max Weber Foundation

The armistice of November 11, 1918, is widely commemorated as the end of World War I, but that event was part of a protracted process of peace making that lasted until 1923. Scholarly debate has long focused on the 1919 Paris Peace Conference in the context of debates on war guilt, the burdens imposed on defeated Germany, or President Woodrow Wilson’s failure to realize his vision of a liberal world order. This was in line with addressing questions such as the rise of fascism, the causes of World War II, or the roots of the Great Depression. Yet the postwar settlements reached far beyond West and Central Europe. They shaped a new global order that, some hoped, would prevent another disastrous global war.

The centenary of the 1918 Armistice in 2018 provides a perfect occasion to reassess the postwar settlement’s global repercussions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The conference at the GHI Washington in March 2018 will bring together scholars from around the globe to discuss the enduring consequences of the war settlements. The conference will encompass 19 papers from scholars from 7 different countries, 2 panel discussions, and 2 public lectures, including the following:

– Keynote lecture by Jörn Leonhard (Universität Freiburg) on March 22, 2018, “Overburdened Peace: Competing Visions of World Order in 1918/19”

– Keynote presentation by Adam Tooze (Columbia University), followed by a panel discussion, at the German Embassy, Washington, DC on March 23, 2018

The conference is organized by the GHI Washington on behalf of the Max Weber Foundation, and in cooperation with the National History Center (NHC), the American Historical Association (AHA), and the German Historical Association (Verband der Historikerinnen und Historiker Deutschlands, VHD).

If you are interested in attending the public lectures associated with the conference or would like to be added to the waitlist for attending conference panels please contact Sally Dill (

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  1. Good luck. Follow-up & innovation to any 2019 conference, addressing and commemorating the first “Brexit”’s centenary of 1919:
    based on my international lecturing series as of 2016. Press release:

  2. Sally Dill says:

    Dear Mr. de Bourgraaf,

    Many thanks for your interest in the conference! Unfortunately funding for travel to participate in the conference is no longer available, but we’re delighted that you’re interested in the subject matter of the conference. We will continue to post updates about the conference on this blog, and a conference report will be published on the GHI’s website, so that readers can be informed about the proceedings of the conference. We hope that this can provide you an opportunity to incorporate this into your scholarship in this field.

  3. Dear Staff, I’m eagerly, if not desperately looking for potentialities in order to participate in your conference. It would be a hard time for me, a freelance historians who has just released his lifework dedicated to the End-of-First-World-War-Centenary research, to stay sidelined.

    What to do now? Best greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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